~There are 2,110,449 LinkedIn Groups as of as of May 16, 2016.

~There are over 533 million profiles on LinkedIn

~128 million in the US.

~Each month there are over 106 million unique visitors 


That’s a whole lot of groups to consider and a whole lot of people to connect with.

As for you, you can join 100 LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are packed full of power to allow individuals to get the message about your companies, service, products and brands in front potential new clients.

But the time it takes you to post a message in each group would take up your whole day.

Until now!!!!

JAC is now offering Automated LinkedIn Group posting software

You can create 1 message and our software will post that message to all of your LinkedIn groups for you automatically.

You can pick and choose what Groups you want to post to. You can add pictures, video's, and website links.

In as little as 2 minutes each day you can put your message in front of a potential 200,000,000 people everyday.

Watch the Video for details about downloading and using the LinkedIn Posting Software.