JAC Consulting’s List Service

Acquiring new customers is challenging enough without worrying about your list quality. With JAC's databases, you can create customized prospect lists that precisely match your target audience.

We offer worldwide business and consumer email databases.

Email Marketing Works

Email is still the most preferred method of communication for many businesses. It remains so for a variety of reasons. Email is convenient, direct, timely, and it provides what you need to know in a way that works best for the consumer mindset.

Why is email so important? The reach is widespread and specific to your client’s needs and preferences. It is still an efficient way to invest in your business and continually expand your circle as the potential is limitless.

JAC's Email List Service

JAC provides multiple Business and Consumer email databases in 49 countries.

Business databases come with name, address, city, state, zip code, phone, company name, website, SIC Description, SIC Code and EMAILS.

Consumer Email Databases come with name, address, phone, date of birth and email.

JAC's non email has consumer database comes with over 500 filters.

~The biggest misunderstanding in email marketing is how to be compliant with the Can- Spam law. JAC will share with you the rules and exactly how to stay out of trouble and navigate the rules and be successful~