JP Van Dyke
JP was invited to join LinkedIn the first month it was launched. JP has grown and learned about LinkedIn as they have grown and expanded. LinkedIn created the LinkedIn Advisory Council 10 years ago and JP was invited join and participate in surveys, beta programs and given the opportunity to participate in multiple aspects of LinkedIn that normal users never see.
The one aspect that LinkedIn lacks is it's user interface options. Simply put.. it's not easy at all to manage connections. That has been the project for JP & JAC for the last 4 years, to create a program to allow users the real opportunity harness the power that 1st level connections offer a business.

JP started JAC Consulting 17 years ago after working in corporate America and seeing his efforts and achievements hardly recognized. JP saw the opportunity of being his own boss the way in which his endless ideas, his desire to keep improving his company and hard work would show its own rewards.

JP is a father of 2 sons, he has coached youth football for 12 years. He lives his life as a model for his sons to emulate stressing above all else honesty, loyalty, integrity and love for America and it's heritage.


JAC Consulting continues to strive for excellence with integrity always.