LinkedIn® Connections Management

The first of its kind LinkedIn® profile organization & management system that allows you multiple ways to organize & manage your connections. You can rate connections in several ways, create reminders for follow up, create buckets to separate your leads by city, title, organization, demographics ...whatever you could want! You can easily view your entire message history with each connection. Display all data on each connection & more.
All to allow users the real opportunity to harness the power that 1st level connections offer your business.


So what's the big deal?

Introducing the first ever LinkedIn® only Connections Management program that helps you organize & manage your LinkedIn® connections better, smarter & without any excess clutter. 


The challenge that LinkedIn® presents is the LinkedIn® platform is not set up in a user friendly concept.


That's where Linked Vision steps in.

Our product is offered to you by a firm with the long term vision to transform the way you use arguably the best business social media tool that exists.

Let's Look Under The Hood

Features & Options

~ Create custom buckets to sort & manage connections

~ Add Tags for connections

~ Generate Connections & Sales Reports

~ Create lists for easy removal of Connections on LinkedIn®

 ~ Set Calendar Reminders for each Connection

~ See data for every 1st level connection

~ Load email lists to match LinkedIn® connections

~ Make notes on working with your connections

~ See your whole message stream with a simple drop down

~ Rate each connection for maximum benefit

~ And still more options

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Check out what our subscribers have to say


Mark Herre


Since working with JAC's LinkedIn CRM, I have been able to really make my LinkedIn work for me. The organization features are tremendous.

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Tom Black


I have over 15,000 connections and since working with Linked Vision I have been able to organize my connections and utilize the power of LinkedIn better than ever before.


John MIller


Using LinkedIn has always been somewhat of a struggle. But since using JAC's Linked Vision I have been able to cultivate my LinkedIn connections better than ever before.

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